Trip to the doctor...

Remember how I said my cold just sounded worse than it really felt? That was Saturday. Monday morning, I got a slightly tight chest, a headache and the croupy cough. Uh oh, time to keep an eye on things, because those are the early warning signs for that dreaded bane of my existence.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and the chest was tighter still, with the addition of nasal mucous that could be used to put up wallpaper. Lovely neon color, too. This time, I got the bonus symptom of an overactive conjunctiva (this is a new one for me).

I spent most of the day feeling blah, and once we left the house to run errands, I picked up the phone and called the doctor. If a scalding hot shower doesn't loosen things up and make me feel better, then medical intervention is neccessary.

Apparently, the nurse practitioner had a bunch of people with the same ailment this morning. Mine wasn't as advanced as theirs, though. However, because of my history, I went to ZPack and codeine cough syrup faster than you can type the words. She laughed at my tale of being happy to discover a full bottle of prescription cough syrup yesterday, only to find it was the requisite 'let's just see if it will work but it won't' bottle that I end up with from EVERY new doctor I ever have seen.

I like this practice. When we moved to Florida, we opted to use a family practice for all of us. So this is only my third visit, but they are familiar with me. The nurse taking vitals was very thorough and asked how I was on my scripts of inhalers and Imitrex. I explained that I ditched all the inhalers because they weren't working and that I need a new allergy workup. I'm down to my last three injections of Imitrex, which will probably get me through the year-but they wrote a script 'just in case.' She reviewed the allergies, and asked about the new ones since last seeing them.

For the first time ever, no saline or nasal sprays. I apparently inflicted enough trauma to the nose with that sign holder that she feels they're a bad idea.

Back in a month for a full physical and a reassessment of allergy/asthma meds. They even do allergy shots. Good news, as I'm probably headed in that direction for the mold allergy.

I think they'll be shocked at work that I'll be walking in the door with bronchitis and ready to work. Kathi probably would do the same thing, that's the way we were raised!


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