I finally figured out how to describe the pain of the ulcers when they're not encased in an Unna boot or kept moist.

Have you ever had a tooth extracted and experienced 'dry socket'? That pain that doesn't go away, even after you've taken a vicodin or two (and contemplate a third?) Well, that's what it feels like when I allow the ulcers to dry and scab over. It's not pleasant.

Let's just say that I can't find the tube of neosporin plus and I'm experiencing this now. Both vicodins should have kicked in, however, the pain shows no indication that meds have been taken. This is on top of the stabbing pains in my ankle all day. Love the RSD, folks.

At least the cold I have sounds far worse than it feels. The store manager at our other location across town called today to do a stock check. He said "did we hire another Suzanne?" , as he did not believe it was me on the phone. I had to say a few things to prove it WAS really me he was talking to. Then he tells me that I sound like Rachael Ray when I'm losing my voice. Interesting.


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