We had a meeting at the elementary school today. It was an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting to review older son's progress and our plans for his imminent move to Middle School. In his seven years in elementary school, he's spent the most time in his current elementary school (2 years), and 1.5 years with his current teacher. To contrast, younger son's entire school career has been in this one school.

Saying that he's made progress would be like saying the Grand Canyon is a hole in the ground. Progess is such a small word for so much change. He has a very long way to go, but he's definitely improved, baby step after baby step. His tests indicate so much of what we see: he's a bright and articulate boy. His classroom performance mirrors home, in that he exerts as little effort as he can possibly get away with!

Today's meeting was a closure of sorts. We rehashed how much he's achieved with his current teacher. We also stressed what he will need to be successful in the middle school arena. Five people in one room, all focused on this one child's ability to succeed. Pretty neat when we're all on the same wavelength-and that's what today's meeting was, all of us striving to make him into the best he can be.

Now the question is: Middle school? How can he succeed? Ey yi yi, transitions galore. Even with being in a contained class for the majority of the day, he'll be dealing with many more transitions that his Aspie brain is willing to tolerate. It seems a herculean task for him to get through so many changes every day and maintain composure. The IEP liason for this part of the county is an excellent facilitator-it's all in that IEP, everything he'll need to stay on track.

No, he's not ready for mainstream, nor do I think he ever really will make that jump. But he will make progress and learn, and that's what it's all about. We'll take it as it comes. College level spelling words and all.

Congrats to our graduate. Some days, we really wondered if you were up to the pressure and work placed in front of you. Then we hit a milestone moment and are blown away at what you do in spite of your difficulities. Kiddo, you make us proud!


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