Angry at cub scouting

Right now, I am livid and disgusted with cub scouting, specifically the rednecks in the pack that we were in.

That's right, WERE in. Last night, we had our last pack meeting of the year. I had a headache and Ed was late arriving home from Lakeland because he was getting Jane from the hospital. So we were about 5 minutes late.

At the meeting, people were kind of aloof, but hey, the people involved are not the most inclusive types. We were not holding the meeting in our normal location, so we dismissed early and the boys were running around outside. I'd made two cakes for the occasion and of course, the one older son couldn't consume is the one he was given. Even after it's been said all year that he cannot have dyes.

I go stand in line outside the church kitchen with him and the woman who is handing out the cake slices says rudely "He already got cake", pointing to son.. I answer back "yeah, he's allergic to dye and you gave him the red cake and hawaiian punch." Three of the other ladies in the kitchen also know of the allergies and no one made an effort to give him appropriate food. Interesting.

As I said, the kids are running around. There is one child who is hell bent on causing trouble with older son (and anyone he can, honestly). All year, we've yelled at son to stay away from him. Last night, I direct my son to stay away from him several times and the child makes comments about the fact that I only discipline my child. Huh?

At this point, I'd decided I had had enough of the drama and say my good byes to the outgoing committee chair. She tells me I should stick around for 10 more minutes. Not sure why, but I notice that the bitchy contingent is all hanging out at one side of the parking lot, when the district commissioner shows up.


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