We are no longer part of the Cub Scout pack we participated in this year. I decided to leave, as it appeared others were unhappy with me. Last night's meeting and cold shoulder from many clinched it. I went to say my goodbye to the Committee Chair (who is moving), but she asked me to stick around for ten minutes. She told me that we were going to have a brief leader's meeting. They had called the commissioner (our former cubmaster) to speak to the group. Apparently, because they act like Jerry Springer panelists, they thought I would cause a scene.

To whit: they stayed in a group at one side of the parking lot to watch the events unfold. Friggin juvenile behavior, and it really bothers me. Am I that unapproachable? Do you realize how STUPID you look to have somebody come in and mediate, when you haven't spoken to the person you have an issue with?

The commissioner suggested a couple of packs who need my organiziational skills-and he readily admitted that this pack is extremely disorganized. Hmmm, that's the complaint I had that was taken so poorly. The cubmaster didn't even know about this meeting, he'd also went to say his goodbyes and was told he needed to be there. Prior to us being sprung with this 'meeting', I'd told him I was through and would be going elsewhere-he told me to let him know where, because he'd probably join me.

The committee chair who is now moving away did all the work in this pack and made it look easy. These morons who forced me out think that it's a piece of cake. I suspect that the pack will fold in a few months of their leadership. Several things factor into this, but over the past year, the pack went from 40 boys to 17 (sorry, 15-forgot mine) . I'm pretty sure it is due to the behavior of the leaders that are now in charge.

We went out to dinner afterwards, numb. The cubmaster and his son were eating at the same restaurant, and we ended up talking the whole time. He was pissed. He's upset that solid, reliable people that show up every week and want to participate were treated in this manner.

It gets worse. We went to the elementary school this morning to see oldest son's awards ceremony. He was on the honor roll all year. One of the other scouting parents took some pictures of him for us. Afterwards, we thanked her for taking the pictures. We told her we wouldn't see her next year. She knew and apologized. Then she says "I work with special needs, and kids with asperger's and I know you have to make accommodations. As a parent, you do what you can". This makes it appear that we were forced out, not because of issues with me, but because my son has a neurological impairment that he has no control over. The leaders who had issue went to everyone BUT the cubmaster to garner support for having us leave. This parent didn't agree, but she didn't stand up for us or our son, either.

To say I am livid would be an understatement. As soon as we got home, I emailed the cubmaster. We honestly could sue for discrimination, but neither Ed nor I are up for that sort of thing-and it's not our style. Rather, I would like some conclusive evidence that this was why we were forced to quit. If so, I WILL complain to council. How can you have leaders who are supposed to teach children about respecting others when they don't?

Kinda ironic, when two of the ringleaders of this are a LESBIAN couple. Correct me if I'm wrong, BSA frowns on homosexuality. I don't, nor does Ed. They've probably dealt with a lot of intolerance in their lives, yet they're going to be intolerant of a child who did not make a choice to be the way he is. Much like them.

When I first got this news, I wanted to email all of them a fact sheet about Asperger's syndrome. The more I think about it, I won't say a word. Let them hang themselves when the investigation starts.


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