I'm pleased. The wounds are getting smaller (.5" and 1.5" around and flat). Dr. J looked at the leg Wednesday and a nurse who'd never wrapped an Unna Boot did the honors this week. Dr. J's comment when she came in to do it and said she'd never done one was "Suzanne can probably do it herself, she's done a few". LOL!

So, the boot is wrapped slightly differently, but it's not tight. I haven't been itchy, either. All in all, a good situation. I've got stuff to wrap another, which means a dip in the pool will be in the future. Also, it's pretty comfortable, so I attempted sleeping in the bed, rather than the couch-and I made it through the night. Yay.

As far as the sleep woes in general, I picked up a bottle of melatonin. This is supposed to be a good natural way of getting to sleep. Next time I'm up later than I want to be (probably tonight), I will give it a try.

Tonight's entertainment is going to son's cooking school's "Cinco de Mayo" celebration and then getting older son's free ice cream from cold stone. Of course, his is free-but we'll buy ours. Woohoo!

Life is soo much better when I don't have to deal with an RSD flare and I've had sleep!


Jason Newland said…

I have just read your blog & you mentioned RSD.

I actually help people with chronic pain conditions, including RSD.

On my website I have free audio & video relaxation & chronic pain relief sessions.

Why not give me a try & let me know how you get on.

love jason x

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