The "What if" game

Have you ever played the 'what if' game? Where you'd wonder about something you'd love to do, but there was some obstacle in the way, whether it was money, time, education or lack of ability?

Thanks to my Mom, I developed a love of cooking very young. She was an amazing cook. I took a lot of what I learned and ran with it. It was so much fun to experiment and learn from mistakes and rejoice in successes. With my first husband, I'd end up inviting most of our friends for dinner, because I'd been taught to cook for an army, lol. It was fun to hang out in the kitchen, cook and socialize. That factored into each home I've purchased.

From my early 20's, I always daydreamed and played the 'what if' game. What if I opened a restaurant? What would the name be? What would I serve? I'd even go so far as to play the location game, where would be the best place to open one?

It was a fun diversion from time to time. I knew it'd never happen, because I'd never have the money for it and a fledgling restauranteur has less than no life. So, I went with something else I loved-selling. From the first box of Girl Scout cookies I sold, I was hooked. I was good at it, and enjoyed it. (You wanna see my plaque for selling 200 boxes in1977?) From selling, I went into managment. Again, I'm good at it and I love the variety. I still played the what if game, though.

After a week on the job, I'm getting the best of both worlds. It's hard work, no doubt. Harder than selling cars, as it's so much more physical. That said, it is such a rush to get elements of restaurant, selling and management in one thing. Poor Ed is probably sick of my non stop talking about this job!

The best part? The fundamental difference between working for a corporation and working in a small business. The immediacy of implementation is mind boggling. When at it's very core, the question is 'what will make our clients happy?', it's extremely satifying.


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