It started poorly. Sore throat that felt like someone glued a pink pearl eraser to the back of my mouth where it meets the throat. The next day, that was gone and just a little bit more coughing than normal. Next, feeling like someone rubbed a grater on the throat, thanks to drainage!

Other than coughing, there were a couple of days of *almost* normal behavior.
Back to sore throat, but now it is-drum roll, please-Bronchitis! I got to sleep on the couch last night, because the head had to be propped up.

This bad boy still takes me by surprise. I suppose since there aren't as many colds to be had in a warm climate, and most of my other issues are okay, I've been lulled into a false sense of security that I won't get it.

Damn, and the doctor cancelled out on my appointment tomorrow. How the heck am I going to get some Guiatuss to get rid of it?

Don't say urgent care. That's a guaranteed five hour wait. One of my employees hit the urgent care this weekend for a possible fractured foot (just a really bad sprain) and she was aghast at the attitudes. My theory is that the doctors manning these places were the "C" students in med school and no one else wanted them. They're bitter, cranky and don't have any sense of urgency.

My two experiences with them was that it took four hours for little man to be seen for an ear infection, when there were only two other patients. The doctor INSISTED on antibiotics, even though he could not conclusively say it was bacterial. Then, Ed went to do follow up and they waited THREE hours. When he went to complain, the receptionist, by way of explanation, stated that the doctor had a very busy day-he'd seen 20 patients (at 6pm-they open at 9am).

Hello? You've got an intake person, two triage nurses, an xray tech, a lab person AND the doctor and 20 patients constitutes a busy day? I've lived in two regions of this country of ours, and most doctors see 20 patients before lunch!

I think I'm headed to OTC remedies for now and if it's not better by Tuesday, then the doctor will see me.


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