We have a prolific DVD collection here in the Suzanne and Ed household. The kids probably get the most enjoyment out of the assortment, but we all watch pretty much everything. The kids have seen some pretty interesting movies, fortunately, there's hardly an R rated movie in the bunch.

Several years ago, we realized we needed adequate storage for said DVDs. At the time, we had not one, not two, but THREE Ikeas within a short drive, dependent on which direction we felt like going that day. So, off we trekked to Ikea to find appropriate storage for our 70 or 80 (at the time) titles. We found several items on display that were designed for the purpose of storing CDs or DVDs, but didn't like them. Rather cheesy looking things. In typical Ikea fashion, they had empty DVD cases to show shoppers "look, you can store DVDs on this ugly wire contraption", as if we couldn't figure out that was the intended use.

No, we had to be different, and so, Ed and I ventured over to the bookshelves. Why not? It works for the CD collection! Not before I took one of the DVD cases and measured it with the ever present Ikea paper tape measure device. Out came the handy dandy cell phone calculator and intense computing revealed that 8 DVDs would take up 5 inches on a shelf. Then, the Billy bookshelf was measured and we found that it would hold 35 DVDs per shelf and that we could buy an extra shelf to hold our collection, making it a four shelf unit. (Quick, how many DVDs would one unit with four shelves hold?)

We brought home one unit that day and things progressed smoothly on the storage front. Then Disney had the nasty habit of bringing out MORE movies that we absolutely HAD to own. The nerve! In rather short order, maybe six months (tops, a year), we ventured back to Ikea to get a twin to the first unit. Alas, we had to travel to a DIFFERENT Ikea further up I95, as we had chosen poorly in our Ikea roulette game. (How many Ikea play areas can your kids endure in one day?)

That was about six months before we moved to Florida. We have been here two years, and have checked up on the movie purchasing. Probably because a lot of the Disney releases have been reruns of stuff we own. I hadn't really paid attention to those shelves, as the kids pull a bunch of stuff out of them.

Tonight, I decided to watch a movie and found the scary tall stack of movies, the interesting places movies were in the shelves. I admit it, I'm anal retentive on this front-movies are alphabetized. (CD's, too, by artist.) This presented a little project and inevitibly, massive shifting.

The net result? We're four DVD's away from having two full shelving units. The problem? The closest Ikea is now seven hours away! Ikea's website does not offer the shelves for Billy online, so the aesthics would be blown if I have them ship one unit.

Road trip!


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