Another Sunday and plans get changed

Fortunately, this time it was our decision to change the plans.

My first order of business today was to hit $tarbuck$ and meet my assistant manager. Like Ed, she's a worrier. I can deal with that. We had a nice hour chatting. It just makes me anxious for the coming week to go by fast. I wanna start already!

I stopped at Krispy Krack to get a dozen donuts to appease for leaving. As soon as I walked in the door, little man says "cool, Dunky doneybutts!", which is Ed's nickname for dunkin donuts (said in a thick indian accent, btw). We were planning on going over to Animal Kingdom while it's still free for us. Ed still hasn't been on Expedition Everest, and I'm sorry, one trip wasn't enough for me, the coaster junkie.

We've both been battling sore throats and we just couldn't get the motivation to head over to WDW. Instead, we decided to run some errands. Got some hanging Tiki lanterns for the lanai, hooks to hang them (we're waiting for it to get dark to see if they'll provide enough light) and a toy for Mr. Honor Roll.

Vegging is probably the best thing we could do today. We'll have lots of Sundays off in the future-what a pleasant thought.


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