Waiting is the hardest part...

I got an email late Thursday night. My offer package for the job I sent the email and had the three hour interview will be completed by Sunday night. Yay! I understand why they can't do it before then (end of month, table changes, etc.) but it still doesn't take away the impatience.

My old boss emailed me yesterday morning that she'd done my reference check with them, and my other two haven't been called. Thanks, boss! What you said must have been more than enough for them to decide.

Venturing out today. The kids have been invited to a birthday party, so I'll be driving. I haven't taken any painkillers in almost two days, so I suppose I don't have to worry about operating heavy machinery. Fortunately, I don't own a stick shift anymore, which means the foot won't get a clutch workout it can't handle.


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