So long, and thanks for all the ...Mickey stuff?

Five years, eleven months. That's how long I'd been employed by my most recent employer. Those who know me from my 20's are probably scratching your heads, because I grew bored with jobs at a year to eighteen months. Except for Gimbels...I was there for almost three years until they closed, and I may have stayed there forever.

Today was my last day. It passed as any other has, with me working as hard as I usually do. A couple of my employees brought me balloons and a cake. (BTW, it was my favorite, which they had no clue-black forest cherry). My boss later came in with flowers, cards a book and a bottle of wine (she knows me well, in some respects!).

The last six months were a roller coaster, and fortunately, the air had been cleared on several issues in the time since I gave my notice. I feel like I'm leaving with my happy ending.

I'm really looking forward to Monday and the adventure that awaits.


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