Mangling the Star Spangled Banner

What is it with singers trying to turn the "Star Spangled Banner" into an R&B/Gospel song? All the vocal gymnastics are not what I expect of a performance of our national anthem.

Do you hear this garbage when someone sings "God Save the Queen" or "O, Canada"? No, because there is a respect that is implicit in performing one's country's anthem.

And for the record, the line "Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave?", Banner is three notes, not the four that most people sing. "Ba" is one note, "ner" is two. I listen to see if a perform er was formally trained on this-and apparently, not many have.

BTW, I sing the tenor part instead of trying to sing that throat shredding melody.

Rant off. And now you're saying I get peeved about the *strangest* things. Yep, I won't deny that!


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