It's past my bedtime!!!

Yep, 9:08 and it is past my bedtime. I'm on 3:30am duty this week and that means getting up at 2:15 or 2:30! Yikes.

Loving the new job. Awesome people, fun work and my ears have to get used to the occasional four letter word uttered by coworkers! I'm way too used to having children around.

If you don't hear from me much, lets just say I'm dealing with the typical crunch stuff inherent in opening a new store: finding staff, lots of meetings with my bosses and lots of learning going on. I'll be back to posting on a more frequent basis soon.

Shout out to Jill's mom, I got a sweet e card the other day. She's headed to town this week and I'm hoping to have both of them over for dinner one night (hint hint!)


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