Friday, April 07, 2006

Random thoughts going through the noggin...

Forgive me for blathering, but hey, I feel like blathering, dammit.

I think SIL Jane's blog should be titled "Jane Says", though I don't know if she's ever heard the Jane's Addiction song. FWIW, I like the song.

Why is it that everybody on My Space insists on putting a song on their blog? Maybe it creates dissonance with the soundtrack in my mind!

Why have I bookmarked more Blogger pages than My Space Pages? Why don't I have any Live Journal pages? (those of you who ARE there don't put anything up in a dog's age, so there's no point in bookmarking it, now is there?)

How long is it going to take to purge upc's and other numbers out of my head? I can tell you my credit card number from Gimbel's (closed in '87) because I had to use it to receive my discount. I can tell you the sku for Myst CD Rom (600300) from Babbage's, and I left there in '96. I can tell you the presale UPCs for the last 10 movies my store has presold and most of the Florida resident ticketing options!

Perhaps this is why I like my cell phone so much-it remembers the numbers, and I won't be reciting Jill's phone number in twenty years. Or Heather's. Or Liz's. Or Joyce's. Donna's, however, are stuck in the noggin and aren't going anywhere. This means you can't move, Donna!

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