An offer is ON THE TABLE!

So, I received my offer package an hour ago. It's pretty comprehensive, and a little different than what I'm used to in the way of bonus compensation. Let's just say that its a respectable base, with potential to double my salary with management of controllable expenses.

Everything I'd mentioned about a previous employer's wonderful bonus plan came into play. It is quite obvious that the owners spent a long time scrutinizing the business trends of their first location to determine realistic goals for the new location. Perhaps since that three hour conversation a few weeks ago.

I meet with them again tomorrow to go over the package, because they were concerned that without particulars, it might be a little confusing. Nope, here with the trusty cell phone calculator, analyzing the way I love to do. If I book this many customers, this is what my bonus will be. If x amount of customers book into the two sessions run during four employees 8 hour shifts at a payrate of y, the labor cost is 9%.

Never realized that the algabraeic formulas get used in real life, didya?


jas said…
Good to see you you got the offer at last! I like Maths too!
Wonder if you will accept?

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