Want a 10 year old cheap?

Ugh, it's an hour past his bed time and yet we're here, doing his *punishment* homework.

His refrain to everything is 'that's not fair'. EVERYTHING! Kid, blow your nose (that's not fair!). Kid, clean your room (that's NOT fair). It's an hour past bedtime, go to sleep! (Awww, mom, that's not fair). C'mon we're going over to Disney (that's not fair, I want to stay home).

His teacher has given him an assignment to write the dictionary definition of the word 'fair', and then write five positive sentences that include the word fair, as it relates to his classroom. All due to her frustration about how much the child complains about how things are not fair. Welcome to my life, dear teacher.

We've spent over two hours with the child screaming, yelling, begging me to do this damn assignment for him. He does this for anything that is asked of him. Then ask him what the word 'fair' means. The word that he yells numerous times daily as it pertains to his life. The answer is he has no flippin clue what the word means!

We need a break from this. So, want a kid?


jas said…
Just wait until he's 13. Our's were like flicking a switch, one day they were normal kids, the next like someone's bad dream. If you think this is bad...just wait. Sorry!

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