Sugar Junkie

With our new cable company came something new for us, "On Demand". An assortment of programs that the cable company deems popular are, in a sense, Tivoed on their servers for your viewing pleasure whenever you want.

Neat concept. This afternoon, we happen upon one of the Food Network shows we enjoy, "Unwrapped" so Ed sets it up to run. This episode is about candies. Now we know how they make Charms Blow Pops and that Hot Tamales are really Mike and Ike rejects. Then they showed a confection called Valomilk.

Immediately, it tweaks older son and he starts going on and on about how he wants a Valomilk. For those of you wondering, Valomilk is like a reese's peanut butter cup with runny, heavily vanilla flavored marshmallow filling in it instead of peanut butter.

Well, we parental units were not familiar with this candy. That, my friends, is a rare day-between the two of us we can recall some unusual candies (Zotz, anyone?). So, off to Google, where I find the valomilk website. They, of course, have a link to where you can find it. It came as no surprise that Cracker Barrel *should* stock it. Then, a link to the motherlode of candies of yesteryear was on the site.

You mean I can get Violet mints again? The coolest thing was the 4 lb box of Nostalgia of each decade. It won't replace See's or Scharffenberger, but sometimes you just crave cheap sugar!


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