It's just Another Sunday

...and plans are shot to hell, AGAIN.

Ed's job's only guaranteed day off is Sunday. My job, on the other hand, takes about two Sundays a month. Currently, this affords us two to three days a month where we and the kids all are free to do something.

Woke up at 8 and looked forward to a day together. We got two hours into it before it got screwed up. He's in Lakeland for another emergency and I've been running errands. The one good part of it is that I was hungry, was AIMing with Jill, who was also hungry. Off to Cracker Barrel we went.

Now we have groceries and valentines for the boys to complete. I'd love to take the kids to a movie, but I'd hate it to be one that Ed wanted to see as well. I'd found that the IMAX in Tampa is still showing Harry Potter, and I'm crossing my fingers that it's still playing on Friday night. We've only seen the first three on DVD and promised ourselves that we'd hit the theatres for this one. Alas, life keeps getting in the way.


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