Diagnosis: Weird

I had a cardiologist appointment today. I'm having a minor surgical procedure done next month, and the doctor wanted me to get a cardiologist to sign off on it-okay, never had that request before, but I'll do it.

My EKG came out absolutely fine. My normal 110/64 went as high as 110/80, but still in normal range.

Then I meet the doctor and talk about my medical history. We talk about me being the "2% girl" with all the wacky things wrong with me. He thinks that I have *something* that is the root of all this stuff that is rare and hasn't been discovered yet. So I joke that I'll be in a medical journal someday and he says "Probably". He then says because of all the weird stuff, I need to have a stress test and echocardiogram. Funny guy, he then tells me that 2% of patients die from the procedure, followed by a quick 'just kidding'.

His opinion was that I should see a geneticist to figure out whether I have mutated genes. That's it, I'm a mutant! Proof to follow! Just think, you can tell people you're friends with a mutant!!!


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