Huzzah! A bbq joint!

We had an honest to God, real bbq joint that we found two weeks after moving to Florida. We patronized the place enough that the servers got to know us and quiz us on drink choices when we'd be seated. Unfortunately, the place changed owners about six months ago and we were not happy with the replacement place...and I think of it as "you'll go Hungry for bbq at Harrys"

Well, the first joint had taken up residence in the location formerly known as JR's Florribean, yet another barbeque place. It makes me ponder if there have been other 'que' businesses in that location.

JR's was elsewhere in town, and we'd hesitated to try it. However, we did a few weeks ago. Dry rub smoked ribs. I loved them, Ed wasn't as thrilled. They had gator bites, something that we enjoy at a restaurant over in St. Pete Beach.

Last night, due to meltdown boy, we stayed at home and decided on takeout (nothing defrosted, as I had corn dogs and gyros on the brain). JR's came to mind and we got pulled pork and pit beef platters. YUM!


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