lazy saturday

I need to get my butt in gear and run some errands. We need FOOD and I plan on making some snackage for Ed to enjoy during the race tomorrow.

I'll be working at another location for four days in the coming week, should be good. I offered up my Sunday, but I still get two days off. Unfortunatelly, not the same as Ed's. Oh well. As the work schedule stands, I'll be at my store next week and I have Sunday off. That said, I have a feeling I may be called upon to help elsewhere again. Funny thing is that I've been offered mileage, and I think it'll be 10 miles each way extra. Oh ahhh, an extra 45 bucks. :)

Ed got to watch the truck race and the IROC race last night. I fell asleep. Wanted to watch, but I was too tired. I can't remember the last time I was in bed at nine at night.

The original plans called for going to the fair, but we had freakout boy. He's freakout boy again today-so I guess no fair for us this year. With me working tomorrow, it won't happen.


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