Oenophiles R Us

Ed and I are oenophiles, and love trying new wines. So many wines to try, so little time. Special thanks to PRP wines, we've expanded our palates and keep looking for others to try.

One of the wineries we really like is on Long Island (big surprise, huh?). Pindar. Great blush wines, Spring Splendor and Summer Blush. When we'd get up there, we'd always lament not having either enough money or enough room in the car to pick up a case of each. We'd get a bottle or two and savor it. Bargain at 7 or 8 bucks a bottle. Darn government controls prevent us from ordering online.

Since moving to Florida has lessened the likelihood of weekending on the Island (and our free lodging moved here, too), it was assumed that we wouldn't be enjoying those wines unless we begged others to bring it down when they visit.

Total Wine and More to the rescue! This wine supermarket opened in Tampa last fall. It's like a candy store for wine lovers. On my first visit, I asked the likelihood of them carrying Pindar. Salesman looked it up and found them, but only the one chardonnay.

We went back in two weeks ago and decided to look at the NY wines again. (My third visit, Ed's first for those keeping score of these things). Okay, they've got more varieties of Bully Hill than I've ever seen, some of the Seneca Lake wineries that I'd toured with Bozo years ago and WOOT, there's two varieties of Pindar! Pythagoras and a Red. Pythagoras is a dry red, so we pass, but we got the other bottle. The shelf strips indicate they carry two others.

Today, I happened to be right up the block from them and popped back in after my excursion. Woohoo, Sweet Scarlett. I resisted buying the whole shelf, and contented myself with two bottles to start. Steak on the grill, Pindar wine...life can be good some days!


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