RIP hard drive

Henry got back to me. The hard drive is toast and unrecoverable. I can't say I'm surprised. Two weeks post-fry, I'm even somewhat philosophical about it. I may have lost some pictures, but Ed had backed up pictures sometime in June.

Do yourselves a favor. Print out a hard copy of your bookmarks today. I lost a ton of useful ones, even in the year that I had the laptop! I may also have to pay again for my antivirus protection, because all the info was on the fried drive. The trainwreck type bookmarks are a bummer, lol!

In other news, we decided last year we would go to California and planned a week in the LA area. Mainly centered around the wedding reception of Bawb and his lovely bride. Alas, work conspired against me, and we rescheduled. Then, money conspired against us and we postponed. We figured we'd go sometime this spring.

Bawb and his lovely wife decided to move to San Francisco. Now, we also want to see SF, but we promised the boys a trip to Legoland and Disneyland. It'd be crazy to try to fit all of that in one trip. Sooooo, in passing, I mentioned that we should do the LA trip this year as planned and perhaps go to SF next year. Unless Ed McMahon shows up with the prize patrol, then we can go this year. I think the guy got lost and showed up to one of our old addresses.


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