Busy week

I'm back on the laptop, woohoo. This, of course, means I have to reload stuff, but that also means that I can dump some crap. I need to find out how I can upload more iPod stuff without losing what's on it when I update.

Spent the past two days running around WDW with online friends. It's been a lot of fun and I saw tons of stuff in two days. Determined that my little group within the large group all seem to have techie/engineer/geek loved ones. This explains how we mesh together so well, we've all got very twisted senses of humor. It helps that we're all geeks, lol.

The new coaster, Expedition Everest, is deserving of all the praise, hype and press attention it gets. Smooth coaster ride, lots of thrills and incredible theming. There is no way you can catch all the stuff they packed in on one pass through. I'm not giving much away, but there are some technology advances in this ride that have to be experienced in person.

Today is new look day. I got a haircut and color. First time for professional coloring and I'm pleased with the results...my pictures of it are another story. Hoping Ed will take pictures that will do it justice later on. Darn double chin when I take my own picture! Yep, I am sooooooo vain!


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