Before having a microwave, one never has a clue how important it is to your daily existance. I'd avoided one for years, until I purchased my first new car. Never having had a car loan before, I prepared to have a car payment ready upon delivery of my new VW. Once I found out it wasn't needed yet, off to Sears we went-and a microwave came home with us.

The joy! The ease! The recipes! I pored over the cookbook that came with it(hardbound, even) and enjoyed the speed of microwave energy. Those of you who have tried my fudge can be thankful-the recipe came from that cookbook, lol.

Since that first purchase in 1988, I'd never been without a microwave. I even bought another microwave to be used at work when I managed in a strip mall and had no prepared foods nearby. The Fresh Fields next door became a richer place for the purchase, as I was no longer limited in lunch items.

Then we moved to Florida, and the dilemma arose. Do we spend 100 bucks for a microwave for nine months or do we wait? We waited-and it was a long 9 months, but the payoff was that we got a new over the stove model for the new house.

Then it broke. Christmas day, all the burners going at once must have toasted it. Looking at the Sharp website, it looked like we were expected to take it off the wall and bring it in.

I bit the bullet and finally called yesterday. No, they make house calls and he said he'd be here today between 11 and 1. The guy just left. We have microwave again! I think I'll go make some popcorn to celebrate!


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