One more for the weird crap list...

I've been dealing with heel pain for about six months or so. Left foot. I assumed that it had something to do with the vascular issues and swelling in the leg. It has been frustrating, but I thought there was nothing I could do. Those of you who've ventured to WDW with me in the past few months have seen my flamingo impression while waiting in queues in an effort to get weight off the foot.

It's been bad for a while, but was really bad at work today. I mentioned having a 'bad foot day' to one of my coworkers (at the store I'm helping out). She asked me a few questions about the pain and said it sounded like I have plantar fasciitis. So, onto Google I go. Ding Ding Ding, give that girl a prize. If it's not that, it's Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Woohoo, I have it in my friggin hand, now I have it in my foot.

Here's where my odds get freaky. 8% of people who have it require surgery. Perhaps that's too high for it to be neccessary for me? I mean, it's 2% or less in most of my issues!

Some of the treatment suggestions are just not feasible. Off to the podiatrist.

Do you ever get the feeling that the stuff that happens to me is too weird to make up?


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