Right before I started the new job, I got some items for my desks to customize it. Knowing that my computer would only have 2 USB ports and that I'd need more, I got a nice TARDIS USB hub from online. Alas, only one of the 4 ports works with my headphones, but the other three work with everything else, so it's fine. At the same time, I bid on and won two of the Tenth Doctor. Now, I didn't expect the sizes to match up, but there were several jokes about it being a good thing the TARDIS is bigger on the inside!

Here and there, I will bid on Doctor Who action figures on eBay, because the selection here in the US is pitiful. I don't care about new in box, just good condition, and as a result, I now have a few characters and a TARDIS that is the proper size for the Doctor seen above. Recently, I got an 11th Doctor for a really good price, so I tried to get him a Clara or Amy and found a fantastic offer for Clara. I won the bid and just got the package over the weekend. Seems that there are two lines of action figures for Doctor Who.
So now I still am on a search for the proper size Clara for the 11th Doctor I have-and a smaller version Doctor to go with the USB hub!


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