Pulling It All Together

This is the FIRST time I've had to pull all my rationale about my proposed research in one document: giving the background information so that those not familiar with Aspergers or the learning deficits can understand what makes this research important, a review of the literature and previous research that supports this need and shows that it is a gap in the existing information, and then, the methods I will use and why.

This draws on all domains of previous study, to the point that I am once again grateful that I took psychology. A class I didn't even want to take because it sounded impossibly difficult is actually providing me with so much background that is making this come together like it was meant to be. Not effortless, more like a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is obvious where it fits into the big picture.

Tomorrow, I present an overview to my classmates. The powerpoint has basically become an outline for the 35 pages that will probably be written in about 8 hours.

Then I will have finished my first year of doctoral study-with about 1/3 of a proposal, a presentation at a conference under my belt, a proposal to present at another conference in. Fourteen classes and who knows how many hours of writing and research lie between me and a degree.

But I have the outline of the road map completed, and then the roadmap will be done in a few days.

And it feels pretty freaking awesome.


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