Next Food Network Star, Season 8

This season, I wasn't sure if I'd miss episodes of NFNS, so I decided to skip recapping. Of course, because I decided against it, I've been plopped in front of the television every Sunday night. Sometimes with schoolwork in my lap, but at least I get to see it. Hey, I even learned how to turn on the stereo, cable box, AND the tv to actually watch my one show! We've had the stereo and tv for two years, which tells you how much I influence the viewing in this house.

So, this season, they bring in more people who are polished. One has an internet cooking show, several have on camera experience, one was the runner up in another FN competition. You'd think that'd mean they had a higher level of competition, right? Nope. Same dumb mistakes, but at least more people have an idea of their culinary point of view. That said, what is with the guys who lose a substantial amount of weight and REFUSE to talk about it? Sorry dude, you don't get a show if you can't talk about why you cook healthy foods.

From the intros, I loathed Danushka. Why was she even picked? She had no camera presence, her food apparently was pretty horrible, her presentations were miserable and it took three weeks to send her home.

So far, five weeks in, I've been in agreement with who has been sent home. It killed me to see Viet go, I think he is an awesome chef, but camera presence is a must. I wasn't sad to see Chris go, he had the smarmy used car salesman vibe, but his food usually appealed to me. He'll probably end up on Cooking channel, though.

At this stage, with six left, it's Rodney, Russell, Stacey, Nicki, Damaris, and Chad. Of those, I think that Nicki and Damaris are the weakest links and it's not their food that is killing them. Russell is not ready for prime time (though his concept is fantastic!) and Rodney is going to kill himself with the blues guitar pitches. That leaves it with my prediction of Stacey and Chad at the end. I'd like both, but Chad just has this warm vibe and gets my nod for the win.

Let's see if I'm right...


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