New Goal: 300 Beers in 4 Year

This makes the 'Beer Around the World' club at one of the bars I used to patronize up north seem wimpy.

Ed and I joined the 'Brew Crew' at a local beer chain that offers about 70 smaller label beers on tap and another 200 in bottles and cans. The goal? To become a beer guru, meaning we've sampled 300 beers.

My thought is it guarantees us a night out every week or so, while expanding our beer palate.

I'm .0667% towards my goal...

Two chocolate stouts, one from Fort Collins, the other Young's Double Chocolate Stout. They seemed appropriate after a steak dinner: dense, full flavored and 'thick', for lack of a better term. Looking at the list of drafts is like being a kid in a candy store, so many good choices that it's hard to settle on one.

I suspect there will be blog posts here and there as we work through our choices.


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