Mental vs. Physical

After all the effort this past week, the test last night, some reading last night, I spent my lunch break preparing more school work, like this:

Alas, my brain is fired up and ready to put in a couple hours on the Autism portfolio. The eyes say "no way, you've asked way too much of me this week, I am done!" Yeah, I guess the eyes have a point, so I'm going to bed before midnight for the first time in I don't know how long.

But I'm going to sleep in until 8 and pick right up on it. My goal is to have everything for that class DONE tomorrow, which gives me 6 days to do the things I need from that chart above. Twenty to thirty pages worth. After reading one from another student, my assumption that the literature review portion is going to be really easy, I was correct in that assumption. It may be wise to pull out all the research papers I've written over the years to see what incidental studies I cited on top of the ten that are core to ASD education...


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