I made the call for the neuro appointment. There needs to be confirmation and a treatment plan for this spread of the RSD. It is one thing when my leg is f'ed up and limits how much walking and standing I do, but it's quite another when it has the potential to keep me from working because I can't feel a mouse.

Thankfully, I know a few people who also have RSD. None of us present exactly the same way, heck, we all have different locations. That said, all of us have an understanding of the basics of each other's pain. We ask each other 'does the A/C kicking on make you cringe, because the air moving will HURT?' and other things along those lines. At a time like now, when a spread is suspected and pretty much confirmed before going to the doctor, the others can both sympathize and encourage. Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe there's a more effective medication that I'm not allergic to. Maybe it won't progress beyond what it does right now.

Those little maybes from others who are traveling this same road give me a bit of optimism. Those who have known me forever probably call me a Pollyanna, but this is one thing that I have never really been looking at with rose colored glasses. Those little maybes are my lifelines.

Maybe I caught this early enough...


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