Little Greek, Tampa

Those of you who usually read my blog are probably thinking "ANOTHER Greek place?" Yep. Especially when this one is a stone's throw from work.

The beauty of this place is the freshness of the ingredients. The salads are made to order, the pitas soft and fresh, the fries thick cut wedges, wonderfully marinated meats and crispy gyro loaf slices. They have wonderful rice pudding and baklava-which I understand is made for them at Hellas in Tarpon Springs.

Everything is prepared to order, so there may be a few minute wait. It is worth it.

They do a rewards program and according to my points, I've been there 8 times. Fresh, high quality Greek food will draw me every time. I've enjoyed Souvlaki, that Gyro platter, Greek salad, Pastitsio, and both desserts. Not one thing has disappointed. The platters have been big enough that I usually have leftovers to enjoy the next day.

I understand there are 5 locations with more franchised locations coming. They need to come to the north side of Lakeland!

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