Reformatting the Brain

There was a time when you could ask me anything about Disney and I'd rattle off the answer without even having to think about the answer first. Thanks to a photographic memory, if I saw it in the parks, I could tell you where, how much and give you the number for Merchandise Guest Services, too. It's one of the skills that one needs in retail, and it got used with alarming regularity.

However, I am now seven years past my tenure with Disney. There is much I can still rattle off, but as to what is available in the parks, or when a movie is coming out, you're better off looking things up online instead of asking me. I still can give you the essential information and who to contact, but not what product is for sale.

Instead, my brain is chock full of research theory, instructional design concepts, and what things you need to think about when starting a school. We joke around here about needing to reformat our hard drives, but I think mine has done it on its own!


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