Giving Them What They Want

Chef has been asking me to make cookies this past week. Only problem is, with me in the push to finish 4 assignments this week (about 60-70 pages), making cookies from scratch is NOT happening. When he asks for cookies, it doesn't mean 'please fetch a bag of oreos from the market, mom.' No, it means fresh from the oven cookies. Yes, my kids are no fools, they prefer homemade.

What's a mom to do with no time? Cheat and buy scoop and bakes.

The benefit to this is that he got cookies and he got a lesson in how to use the oven to make the cookies. He knows where the tub is located, he can make cookies until the tub is empty-maybe even make Mom or Dad some, too.

After I'm done with all the writing, he will be learning how to make cookies from scratch himself. Personally, I'm of the mind that a high schooler needs to know how to bake goodies...


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