What Will Be on Your Dinner Table Thursday?

One of my kids will not be happy with Thursday's main dish: he wants turkey, and it will be ham on the dinner table.

He's in good company, because I love turkey, but Ed does not. In fact, as a kid, my family all worked Thanksgiving and I had to endure delayed gratification. When the rest of the world was bored of turkey on Monday morning, I was looking forward to having exactly that for dinner that night.

One year, my mom decided she was going to make something else, and we kids all protested. We got the traditional turkey, but the following Monday? The meal she'd wanted the week before was made. (We usually did prime rib for Christmas dinner).

Meanwhile, Ed and GameTeen are all about a ham for Thanksgiving and I planned to do that, but Chef loves his poultry. I found this awesome apple/bourbon brine that I'm anxious to try, so I told him that we'd need to have more proteins to enjoy with the leftover sides, anyway.

In the meantime, we'll be having each family member's favorite side, so they shouldn't complain too much.

What about you and yours?


Turkey on Thursday at my parents'. Turkey on Friday at my boyfriend's. Ham is not an option for us. Though I suspect my younger daughter wouldn't object to brisket.

Thought you guys were considering a restaurant this year.
Suzanne said…
We were, until Ed spent two weeks in the hospital. Once I realized that the nagging urge to 'run away' was caused by last year's debacle, the urge pretty much went away.

I'm doing low key (for me).

And yes, it makes sense that there's' no ham for you. ;)

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