Gone Dotty for CND's Shellac

I love Shellac in Hotski to Tchotchke so much that I'd told Katie, my nail tech, that I wanted to alternate every other manicure with the shade. So yesterday, she didn't even ask what was going on my nails this time around. What she didn't expect is that I'd show her a Pinterest picture of a similar teal (but creme) with polka dots all over it, kind of in a lighter teal and cement shade.

She was willing to do all my nails in polka dots (I love that woman!), but I just wanted a little bit of accent, so my pinkies were festooned in dots of Purple Purple and Studio White. Now I understand why nail art looks so much better when other people do it-they've got these cool tools to work with.

Katie's been working with the Shellac line since shortly after CND launched it (and she's the only local nail tech listed on CND's site that answers emails inquiring about it, too), so I guess it should be no surprise that she was contacted by an OPI sales rep about the OPI GelColor line.

She'd tried working with Gelish and OPI's Axxium products and was not impressed, but saw the new GelColor line and had a chance to see how it works a few months ago, so that when the rep came to call, she was willing to invest the money in their system.

It is NOT cheap, but 80% of her traditional polishes are the very cool OPI shades, including the limited edition crackles and ones like the Pirates of the Carribbean colors. The idea of having more colors to offer her clients, and hundreds of more layering options definitely is appealing to her (and to us clients, no doubt.)

So, even though the line is currently heavy on the orangey-reds that don't look right on us fair-skinned women, there are enough colors in the nine she got after I left yesterday that I'll be giving them a try and reporting my results. I don't think she got I'm not Really a Waitress in that initial allotment, but if she did, I forsee it being the first in that line to be run through the paces.

In the meantime, I don't see jumping ship entirely. I love how the Shellac wears, protects my nails, the layering options and many of the solo colors that it'll just be a case of what color I feel like wearing for two weeks when I walk in the door of the salon.

Not a bad place to be for a non-girly girl who likes colorful nails.


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