Two years ago, we nearly ran out of candy, so last year, I bought about 40 bucks worth of candy-and only had a dozen or so trick or treaters. This year, I thought it was an aberration, so I bought about 25 bucks worth of candy.

Again, we only had about 10 trick or treaters and I've got a lot of leftover candy, even with Chef giving each ghoul and goblin a handful of fun sized treats. Lessons learned: let the kids pick out the treats we give out, then they'll have some of their favorites waiting at home. Then again, neither one of mine went out, because Chef prefers handing the goodies out.

I did something different this year, and Ed and Chef scoffed at the idea. I bought Capri Suns and we had those for the ones who got thirsty from walking through our neighborhood and they told me that it would rank up there with raisins on the lousy treats front.

And every kid that came took one with their handful of candy. Take that, doubting menfolk!

But the best part? I found a recipe for homemade Butterfingers on Pinterest, and it calls for candy corn. I grabbed three bags of them when I went to CVS today. Half price candy is probably the best part of Halloween, don't you think?


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