Down Under Chicago

The other day, Ed and I noticed a place in Lakeland that tweaked his attention, a place named Down Under Chicago.

Ed looks extremely favorably on the almost two years he spent in Chicagoland, in fact, he was doing everything he could to get me to move there instead of him moving to Maryland when we decided that long-distance dating wasn't cutting it.

While the fact that the people were just so darn nice, a huge switch from metro New York, that wasn't the only reason he wanted to stay. He was a fan of the Chicago dog, the deep dish pies, the Lienenkugel beer, the Italian Beef sandwich and other unique Illinois treats. (Had he known about Art Smith's place, I think he may have been more adamant that I'd be the one packing up and moving a thousand miles.

Anyway, we saw the place and when we decided to leave the house to grab some lunch today, Urban Spoon and Yelp provided some favorable reviews of that beloved Beef sandwich and off we went to Memorial Boulevard.

Down Under Chicago did not disappoint. Both Ed and Chef were quite pleased with their Chicago Beef sandwiches, and I was pleased with my deep dish pepperoni pizza. Game Teen turned up his nose at the requested Meatball sub because it had too much marinara (but he ate a meatball separate), but most people would love the fact that this sandwich had large meatballs and ample sauce.

The owners run the place, with the wife serving our table and the husband spending some time chatting, both talking to us about the other not-so-local places to get a taste of Chicago. Ed told them it was the BEST sandwich he'd had outside Chicago and that the only thing close is the one at Murray Brother's Caddyshack (and that's over in St. Augustine!)

I think the best part is that, unlike our beloved Romeos, Down Under Chicago is open Mondays.

If an urge to have pizza strikes on a Monday night, I think I know where we're headed.
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