Random Thoughts

Several thoughts not worthy of a full blog post are the fodder for today. Well, I have a nice, long topic, but it will remain unpublished for now.

* It has been a bad week for friends. My boss's companion lost her mother, my best friend Donna lost her mom Friday and another friend's family made the difficult decision to bring Hospice in for her mom. All three had Hospice intervention for their final hours, and once again, I am grateful for that organization.

It's a sisterhood you don't want others to join you in.

* I wonder why, if someone has an issue with me, 1. why they don't actually *talk* to me about it or 2. why they drag my children into their stupid games. The party involved doesn't realize that not talking to me speaks volumes about their guilt in other arenas...

* I'd been on the fence whether to tack on a couple of classes to get a graduate certificate along with the Master's degree. It is a good idea to increase my Instructional Technology base before starting the doctoral program-it leaves me more room in the schedule to plug in special education courses.

Now I have another reason. Graduation falls on the same day as a large-scale reunion for my high school choirs and our director. I'd rather walk in the summer, anyway-less students means a shorter ceremony!

Okay, back to work...


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