Ahhh, Technology!

I've mentioned before, one of my classes has a group project that is 50% of the grade. I've also mentioned that one group member is pulling less than her weight. If not for the other group member's expertise and talent, we'd be up a tree.

She's out of the country this week.

In the old days, we'd be incommunicado this week, and the problems that member #3 is creating would be all on me. However, we just spent an hour IMing back and forth on the University chat client to iron out the rest of the project. When member #3 can't even follow basic instructions (edit these scripts into a PDF file for the end users, but she leaves in all the directions for the instructional designers), the workload will be greater and the stress lower by doing it this way.

Another good thing:
The courseware we're creating this project in only works on PCs (the output will work on anything). The screen capture software I use is only available on Macs, but the output also works on anything. Five years ago, I would have ended up emailing documents and audio files to myself and stressing that they were bigger than gmail's file limits.

Now, I just sit there with the Mac and Toshiba side by side, save my work to a flash drive and pop it out of one laptop and into the other.


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