The Plan and the Reality

The major component of my grade in one class this semester is a group project. This weekend, I was tasked with taking a video screen capture, layering a voice over to it, and then assembling both into a presentation software packet to submit for class Tuesday. No biggie, right? Piece of cake, even.

What none of us considered is that when we walk through a software application without describing what we're doing during screen captures, it takes a LOT less time than when we speak.

Add to that the small matter of software conflicts, such as my Mac isn't dual boot, the software I need to screen capture in use is a windows only product, but the screen capturing tools I have are all Mac based.

It's not a major problem, in fact, in the long run, it's a good learning experience on how to mesh all these products together, but I'm reshooting video that my teammate spent a lot of time on to make it look just right.

I'll be here for a while.


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