Today was nice and quiet, just the four of us vegging and relaxing. Well, in between the cooking, that is. The men made their specific requests and I did those, with a twist.

I'd read online about crock pot mashed potatoes and it appealed on the fix it all without draining the pot front (too heavy for me) and the don't worry about drying them out front. I will say that it couldn't have been easier-or turned out as well. Nice, fluffy potatoes that were very hot and tasty. The recipe said 4 to 4 1/2 hours, but they really were ready in 3 1/2.

Chef asked for his stuffing, because he will eat an entire pan of it himself. Ed suggested cornbread (which I've done several times) and I got the idea to make from scratch. A note here: I've been making the same rough recipe for over 20 years, so this was a swap to do stuffing completely from scratch.

It was very light, almost too light, but now I know to modify things for next time around. Ed's family has a recipe called bacon rings (I've shown them in WFDW before), and I think I may just repurpose some of this batch for that.

The reason for doing that is I made the cornbread, but the recipe was supposed to serve 16! Instead, I made half, and figured I could alter the rest for Saturday's turkey dinner.

In an effort to minimize my standing time in the kitchen, I bought pie crusts and made crumb topping for the apple and cherry pies. They turned out great, but I did end up standing too much anyway and I'm definitely paying for it.

At least when I do Saturday's turkey on the grill, most of the sides are going to be leftovers. I just have to boil some cranberries, because turkey has to have cranberries.


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