GRE Scores

The scores weren't expected to be released until the 8th, but ETS released those new GRE exam scores this morning for those of us who took the exam in the first six weeks.

I walked out of the exam with an old scale range of where I'd be, varying by 100 points. So, I assumed the middle number and mentioned to the professor that heads up the program what my estimated score would be.

Ends up that I was a little low on that number-but strangely, my verbal score ended up being the equivalent of a 720 and my quantitative score was much lower, like even lower than the bottom range equivalent I was given. Bleh. Still, I was given a range of 1100-1300 on the old scale and it worked out to a 1250, so I really am pleased.

But the perfectionist in me still wants to retake the test, once I get all the incompleted assignments from this semester turned in. I think I can bring that quantitative score way up, especially if 8 of 40 questions aren't on circles!


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