Hit Me With That Google Search, Hit Me

with apologies to Ian Dury and the Blockheads

I decided to change one of my site trackers to a paid service, in preparation for the move to a hosted site early in the new year. This jump is partly due to the need to host my portfolio online, free of the school's website. It's great for in house, but sometimes, people outside of USF cannot access my content.

It is sometimes fascinating to see what brings people to the site. Lately, I've noticed quite a few spikes in traffic, going up to 70 and 80 hits a day. SiteMeter's free service is very good, but cumbersome in navigating some of the particulars.

So, the new provider is shedding some light on the situation and I find that apparently, Adam, Jamie and the crew of Mythbusters are going on tour. I blogged about their visit to USF two years ago and the whole world apparently is coming to check out my crappy picture taken from miles away.

In 5th place is the visit Duff Goldman made to USF and I'm happy to report that those pictures are much better, but I'm sure that Google surfers don't want to hear that both presentations were free to students. Which reminds me, I need to see what big name we've got coming this year!

Four of the top ten places? CND's Shellac, because a lot of people are curious about the UV gel polishes. Wonder if OPI's GelColor will bump any of those out soon?


Amazing what brings people to a blog, isn't it?

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