Today, I was supposed to meet with my new neurologist.

Alas, we had three cancellations and schedule changes from her office, and when I finally got this appointment, I changed the date on the card I had, but not the time.

I showed up for the appointment 20 minutes late, and she doesn't see patients who show up more than 5 minutes late. So now I'm rescheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.

The only silver lining is that I had an online class meeting for my hybrid course. I'd planned to stick around on campus for it, as I'd probably come out of the appointment too late to safely get my butt back home to log in by 5:00. Now, I could drive home.

At 5:05, the instructor sent out a message that too many students had emailed that they wouldn't be there because they were bringing their kids trick or treating. I was already sitting at my desk at home. I wouldn't be thrilled if I'd been in Tampa when I got that message.

Four weeks to go...


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