Trying to Figure Out How to Resolve Health Issues

That's a tough nut to crack, how to prevent or reduce episodes of a health issue when you have another few weeks before seeing the doctor. At least, in this case, I noted all the physical manifestations prior to my O.V. episode and now can recognize when conditions are ripe for one. Kind of like a tornado right now, in the sense that I can predict what may occur, but I'm powerless to stop what is going to happen.

In exploring the interwebz, I see that dehydration is a trigger, as is fatigue. Well, I've upped my water consumption considerably, but the fatigue is weird-I am exhausted from going to a shower yesterday! I'm thinking that my body is fighting something that may be triggering the O.V., but I don't know.

More reading brings up that I should cut out all caffeine, which is going to be HARD. I love my coffee, iced tea, coca cola, and chocolates. I can probably cut out the first three, but no chocolate would be a challenge. However, I responded to a post on a Chiari message board and find that I have a few symptoms for POTS (the jury is still out-I'm not sure that it is a diagnosis that fits), and that one suggests UPPING intake of caffeine to keep blood pressure up.

So, for now, I'll maintain lots of water, and do more reading. The tough part is that medications I take for some issues are not recommended when you have other issues. It's probably a good thing I have my own medical history to bring to my new neurologist, so she can see all the diagnoses better than the little one sheet they have you fill out in the waiting room. Like say, having injectible Imitrex, having it for years, and then have someone tell you it triggers clots. My vascular surgeon knows about the migraines and knew about that medication, maybe he thinks the benefit outweighs the risk? I wasn't making that little history when I first saw him, so now I follow up with his office on that one.

Right now, it feels like I've got a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in front of me, the kind where every piece is the same shape!


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