Things You Do, Then You Don't

I have been modifying my hair color in some way, shape, or form since I was 16 years old. At first, it was a little bit of peroxide to bring out more of the red highlights. Hint: If you do this before you take a 10 day college course that involves spending your entire day out on the beach or hiking on a tiny island, your hair goes from a medium light red to a light strawberry blonde.

Eventually, using peroxide or Sun-In evolved into using hair color. I stayed to the lighter end of the red hues. If my hair were to be returned to the natural medium brown with hints of red, people would think I was unwell. That's what happens when you have fair skin and somewhat dark hair. Other than two times that I was convinced to go back to that brown, I've been in red. And other than 4 times, I've been the one coloring it.

It got harder to complete this task when my neck and shoulder got bad, and while recovering. A few months ago, I went to buy more color and found that one of the shades of red I use to mix together to get my shade has been discontinued. The color is one that Ed really likes, though I'd like it a little darker. So, I colored my hair, knowing that the next time would be the last for this shade.

Tonight, I colored my hair. Last time for this shade, and, it seems, last time I really should even attempt to color it myself. It seems that the bending over to rinse the coloring out of my hair is NOT a good idea anymore. Heck, leaning me back in a hair salon sink may be equally bad-but at least there is someone there to watch for signs of the spinnys besides me. My sense of independence and frugality are over ridden by the need to consider that for every action, there is an equal reaction-and my body doesn't react to bending over very well anymore.

It probably will be smart to go meet up with the hairdresser I plan to visit and have her see if she can match up this shade before I need a touchup.


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