A Productive Day...For Others

My day started at 4:30. I got up, got out the door, ran an errand to Wal Mart-then picked up my friend Allen and loaded up the van with his belongings that he was selling at the swap meet. Too damn early for my day off, in my opinion. We stuck around until just before noon, he had a financially successful effort.

Brought him back home, unloaded his stuff, then came back to my house to prepare for a study session I was to lead. Well, there have been some conflicts between the old roster of the student organization and us setting the students up in the new one. After spending a lot of time on it Friday, we thought it was resolved. It wasn't. So I spent the hour before the session scrambling to enroll the participants so they could log into the session.

The session went very well. But, from there, my energy was zapped and I hardly got any of the work done for my classes I had planned for today.

Can I have a do-over on my Sunday?


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